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Lesbian Pulp Fiction flourished during the repressed 1950s & 60s offering for the first time lesbian visibility to thousands of women living in an era before Stonewall. Lesbian authors such as Vin Packer, Valerie Taylor and Ann Bannon filled the hunger of women across the nation who craved to meet and know others like themselves. Made of cheap 'pulp' paper these pocket-sized gems are now invaluable pieces of lesbian history.

Suggestive cover art with seductive taglines were intended to entice the public at large. Many pulp fiction books were written by men under pseudonyms however LavenderPulp has made it our goal to collect and offer novels and love stories directed toward the lesbian community that were written by women and lesbians.

In the past considered politically incorrect they are now recognized as an important part of the lesbian story and part of many Women's Studies curriculums across the nation.

For all its flaws, lesbian pulpfiction offered many women the understanding for the first time that they were not alone.
Indulge yourself with a piece of lesbian history with these original 1950s paperbacks (not reproductions) or d
elight a new girlfriend with a Lavender Pulp Gift Set.

We hope you will enjoy these books and their iconic art as much as we do, and visit us again to see what's new on our bookshelves.

About Our Lesbian Pulp Gift Sets. Own a piece of history.

These rare collectible books, available in limited quantities from the Lavender Pulp bookstore, are over 50 years old.
We scour book fairs, auctions, private collections and conventions from across the USA, Canada and parts of Europe to find the classic lesbian pulps (written by women for women) that are still in excellent condition.

Vintage Lesbian Pulp Fiction books make unique lesbian gifts. The perfect Valentine, Anniversary or Birthday gift for your partner, best friend or favorite bibliophile.


About Pulp Fiction

Did You Know?

An original vintage 1957 signed copy of Odd Girl Out by Ann Bannon can fetch over $400.

The "Real" Lesbian Pulps
Many 1950s lesbian pulps were written under pseudonyms, marketed to the general public. Our goal is to track down those written by women, specifically for the lesbian community.

Where do the books come from?

We search our butts off! We scour book fairs, auctions, private collections and conventions. We contact booksellers and book collectors from across the USA, Canada and parts of Europe.

Making the Cut
All books must pass a rigid set of standards. LavenderPulp inspects each giftset paperback and includes only those that are graded VG/VG+ (Very Good) using traditional bookseller standards.
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